Laura Russo, originally from Pennsylvania, began her career in New York City at eighteen years old, working in front of the camera as a high fashion model and actor. While working in the theater as well as in commercials and film she realized her passion for the craft of filmmaking.

She then stepped behind the camera and began producing, writing and directing her own projects. Laura eventually relocated to Los Angeles and has worked successfully in all aspects of filmmaking. After completing several short films, one of them starring Ed Asner, she went on to shoot her first feature ROAD REPS,winning an Audience Award. The film played in several film festivals throughout the country including New York City and Los Angeles, going on to acquire worldwide distribution.

She went on to produce and co-direct LOBBY BAR, a spec pilot/feature, wrote & directed multiple, award-winning short films, THE SESSION, based on her suspense thriller feature screenplay EGO BOUND, and SURVIVOR GIRL, a psychological horror thriller, which garnered multiple awards on the festival circuit, including best horror and best Director.

More recently, she has just completed the feature psych-thriller, FEAR FREQUENCY, which was immediately picked up for distribution, and is prepping the feature film, DEAD STREAM.

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Doug Wirth is an Independent Contractor in Film Production and Event Management/Production. His Film Production experience spans more than 15 years, covering every aspect of the industry (PA/Coordinator on 250+ Features/Commercials/Music videos to Producing, Directing, Packaging, Duplication and Distribution). He transitioned into Event Management when hired to coordinate the $30 Million Dollar launch of XBOX in 2001, moving on to manage major Touring Events for Clients such as Microsoft, ESPN/DirecTV, NFL/Visa and AXE.

Well known in production circles for his hard work ethic and overall passion for production and all it’s processes, Doug is a very collaborative, detail oriented, hands-on Producer who values high, cutting-edge production quality while always remaining conscientious of the bottom line (budget). He has worked with, and is continually establishing, a network of very competent and respected production professionals (including A-list Acting & Production Talent).​

Mr. Wirth’s experience also includes working in the features legal department at Paramount Pictures, where he was responsible for handling highly sensitive and confidential contract documents for the attorneys, and as a runner/pa for Steve Johnsons XFX, where he worked on film and TV projects such as Magnolia, Bicentennial Man, Red Planet, Charmed and the Outer Limits series. As a result of these experiences, Doug only further expanded his network and knowledge to include the legal and FX side of the industry.

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 Born and raised in Atlanta, GA, where he was active in the indie film scene, Tim eventually moved to sunny California in his mid-20’s, where he worked as a production assistant and development executive before landing a gig writing the Saturn Award-nominated ABC Family mini-series FALLEN, starring Bryan Cranston and Paul Wesley.

In addition to DEAD STREAM, his current collaborations with director Laura Russo include the recently completed psychological thriller FEAR FREQUENCY, and a feature version of their award-winning 2019 short horror film SURVIVOR GIRL.

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Daniela is a quadrilingual actress/producer, originally from Caracas, Venezuela. She comes from an International Entrepreneurial background as a member of Piaggio Aero Industries, one of the top 10 private aircraft manufacturers worldwide. She was solely responsible for producing high profile air show events during her tenure with the company. She dealt with international relations with clients, as well as celebrity relations and appearances including such artists as Christina Aguilera and Michael Schumacher. A Meisner trained actress, she studied filmmaking around the world, including Italy, France, London, and Los Angeles. She procured equity financing for BLOOD KISS starring Neil Gaiman, currently in development. Daniela and her producing partners have multiple films in various stages of production, including MIRAGE, AZ with director Fred Keller (BLUE BLOODS, HOUSE, 24) and Love, Capri with Producer Malee Nerenhausen (THE SHATTERING).

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Julienne Davis has been an actress and voice over artist since 1998, having started her acting career in England after a long career as an international fashion model, mainly in Europe.

Her first film acting role was for the now iconic character of Mandy Curran in Stanley Kubrick’s EYES WIDE SHUT starring Tom Cruise, Sydney Pollack and Nicole Kidman. After several other substantial film roles in films like HOUSE OF 9 starring Dennis Hopper and Peter Capaldi, and COME TOGETHER starring James Darcy and Lucy Punch, she also was series regular in the BBC comedy series TOO MUCH SUN as well as many leading and guest star roles for British TV.

Upon returning to the USA, Julienne continues acting and voiceover work and has now added Casting Director and Producer to her skills. Her latest casting effort is the nearly completed feature film NOTHING LIKE THE SUN, which she is very proud. Having done two shorts with DEAD STREAM director Laura Russo, she is very excited to be involved in this production in a casting and producing capacity.

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