Young technology genius, Alan, is on the brink of ultimate success having developed the new high-speed neural network smart phone, a disruptive technology that’s sure to change the world.

At the same time he is working for a virtual reality start-up company and finding that his new co-workers ignite his past emotional idiosyncrasies of social awkwardness and isolation.

Consequently Alan buries himself in his work, committed to his project, despite warnings of caution from his good friend, Hochi, that he is moving too fast.

Alan hastily launches the network, leading him into an uncontrollable spiral of murder and mayhem when the free thinking anomaly he’s created conjures up evil and plays him at his own game.

Style: Mr. Robot & Ex Machina (visual), The Ring & The Shining (supernatural)


*Production Info:

– Genre: Thriller/Horror/SciFi

– Budget: 850K*

– Union: Yes

– Location/s: Los Angeles, Baltimore, DC

– Total Run Time: 105 mins.

– Financing/Funding: March 2020 (in process)

– Prelim. Casting: Complete

– Pre-Production/Final Casting:  Fall/Winter 2020*

– Production: Fall/Winter – Spring 2021*

– Post-Production: TBD

– Complete:

– Distribution: (TBD)

– Investor Packages: contact us for info

(*estimates, please check back for periodic updates)

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